Comedy Driver Improvement

Happy Traffic has LIVE classes by Appointment, Please call anytime. 954-924-9999

Call or Text Happy Traffic 954-924-9999
Main Classroom Location for Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School:

*** All Live classes are by appointment. Answer Call Center Open 24 hours.
*** HAPPY TRAFFIC/TRAFFIC EDUCATION CENTER will arrange to send you a dvd of the basic driver improvement course by mail, pick up or delivery. (within 24hrs)
*** CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETIONS are processed electronically and transmitted to the clerk of the courts in the county you received your ticket.
*** Students will receive an original certificate of completion and If you have an attorney we send them a copy too.
*** To request a DVD, call, text or email us your request anytime (laugh@happytraffic.com or 954-924-9999)
*** Zoom courses are offered as well
*** You can text us 24 hours a day for any questions you may have. 954-924-9999.

Florida State Certified & Approved by The Department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles/The D.M.V.

Our Live Class Location is located in The Regions Bank Building:
450 NORTH PARK RD SUITE 402, Hollywood, FL 33021
I95 west to park rd, go north on park road, Regions Bank is on the left. Please call if you need better directions.
Please make sure to bring your license and your ticket paperwork. Certificates of Completions can not be issued without a ticket number(citation number) or case number.

Florida State Certified & Approved by The Department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles/The D.M.V.

4 Hr BDI/DDS Live or DVD $45.00/Cash or $50.00/credit or debit Card Call for reservation 954-924-9999

8 HOUR BASIC DRIVER IMPROVEMENT/DDS $85.00/cash or $90.00/credit or debit card

8 HOUR AGGRESSIVE DRIVING - $100.00/cash or $105.00/credit or debit card

ADAPT COURSE-$35.00(Class for First Time Licensee)

YOUTHFUL OFFENDER/STOP/TOAD COURSE Court Ordered for Teen offenders $45.00./Credit card or debit card there will be a fee of $5.00

12 ADVANCED DRIVER IMPROVEMENT CLASS $120.00/cash or $125.00/credit or debit card


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NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ELECTED TO TAKE THE 4 HOUR BASIC DRIVER IMPROVEMENT CLASS WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO ELECT TO TAKE IT AGAIN WITHIN THE 12 MONTHS. HOWEVER, IF YOU HAVE TAKEN THE 4HR CLASS ALREADY, BUT YOU DON'T WANT POINTS ON YOUR RECORD, YOU CAN ELECT TO TAKE AN 8 HOUR BDI (DADE AND BROWARD ONLY) PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ YOUR PAPERWORK AND VERIFY YOUR CHOICES WITH THE CLERK OF THE COURTS IN THE COUNTY YOU RECEIVED YOUR TICKET IN. You can check your record of elections by clicking on the link "check your drivers license" at our website, Happytraffic.com If you are not eligible for traffic school, another option is using the court process to try to keep the points from being assessed. A court order to attend traffic school does not eliminate your once a year opportunity to elect. For more information call HAPPY TRAFFIC COMEDY DRIVER IMPROVEMENT SCHOOL and the TRAFFIC EDUCATION CENTER. 954-924-9999.

Florida State Certified & Approved by The Department of Motor Vehicles