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Happy Traffic has a message to all drivers in the great country.Drive on purpose.One of our favorite people, a great inspiration to us, is Wayne Dyer.Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School and itís instructors has been following Dr. Dyer for years.The reason why is that

He speaks frankly about living consciously.Itís music to our ears.


Many of the our staffs greatest mentors, modern day gurus, inspire us to love our selves and respect our selves.†† Happy Traffic, Inc. believes this is one of he main things a driver needs to implement in their lives in order to reduce the risks of being in a crash.If you love yourself, you are bound to pay attention.That is why Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School is writing this article.We would like you to understand what it means to pay attention.We want you to understand how important it is to be aware.We want you to know what it means to make a decision on purpose.Happy Traffic, Inc calls this ďConscious DrivingĒIn the 70's we had Werner Erhart and is EST.His lecture was mostly about taking responsibility.I agree.Another great man is Dr. Leon James, A professor at University of Hawaii and an expert on traffic psychology and road rage."Dr. Drive" is who he is best known as.He has published unbelievable amounts of information for the world to have at their fingertips.†† He calls conscious thinking, "emotional intelligence."He applies his emotional intelligence theory with driving and road rage.Smart emotion, I like that.††† He had students conduct tests and research.After all the research, Can we really affect the outcome of our deteriorating traffic situation?Happy Traffic likes to think so.Technology contributes to the good and bad of our driving environment.For example, cars being disabled if an individual goes above a certain blood alcohol content.Thatísí good technology.Technology that effects driving in a bad way is GPS monitors and cell phone text capabilities.I am not saying this technology is bad.I am saying that this technology affects our ability to drive consciously.They are distractions.


Significant human effort is what is need to employ conscious driving.At Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School, we believe that drivers are going to have to make efforts to accomplish this task.Because we are faced with so many distractions, driving on purpose is a skill that needs to be developed.And we need to start becoming acquainted with this form of driving if we are going to reduce the amount of tragedies on our roads.


Aggressive Driving is very real.Happy Traffic, Inc. has found many sites on the internet that reference Aggressive Driving.Aggressive Driving is a great distractor from on purpose driving.Happy Traffic in publishing this article hopes to bring you into the realm of awareness.Whatever you are feeling for the moment, itís a feeling you need to be aware of.To understand your emotions are very much hormonal driven gives you an upper hand.The only way to control your driving environment is to be conscious of what you are feeling, be conscious of whatís happening around you, understand human nature, good and bad, love yourself and make decisions on purpose.You need to be fully conscious while you are playing the game or you will lose.Just like a video game, the minute you turn your head you lose.


Driving is as exasperating as playing a video game that is why we make this analogy.Its fun, it's thrilling and it's hard work.††† There is a power innate in driving.A car can do things humans canít.It can get you some where in no time.In an attempt to talk about this on a social level and not a psychological level, I believe that when people get behind the wheel, that is the last thing they are thinking about.†† Conscious, awakened, driving, needs to begin before you get in the car.††††


Happy Traffic, Inc. knows there are many obstacles we face each time we get into an automobile.These obstacles can be human related, vehicle related, traffic related, environmentally related, etc.†† In essence, everything around us is an obstacle to free flowing driving.††† This reinforces the need for conscious driving.†††


Happy Traffic, Inc.Rule No. 1 For Conscious Driving



Happy Traffic, Inc. Rule No. 2 For Conscious Driving



Happy Traffic, Inc. Rule No. 3 For Conscious Driving



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Happy Traffic, Inc. Rule No. 8 For Conscious Driving



You must think about your driving, and make an effort to not think of other things until you get out of traffic.Every transaction is an encounter of a very close kind.But if it doesnít make your adrenialine explode it doesnít feel like potential danger.Collisions donít happen when you expect them.Keeping the possibility at the forefront of your mind, a great prevention technique.Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement Schools believes in order to survive our roads today, happily and peacefully, you must be aware of your surroundings and potential dangers.You have to be aware, and you have to know what to do in the face of adverse conditions, in order to prevent a bad situation in the first place.Happy Traffic, Inc. advocates defensive driving.But I am not adversed to employing some good offensive driving techniques as well.We may need both when driving on the road with other motorists.You can control your own psyche, but you canít control other peoples.†† You have to defend yourself and know how to avoid situations that require that.Conscious driving will keep you aware.Awareness is one of the best ways to practice prevention.


The importance of awareness cannot be overstated.Be aware of the Police officer and you reduce your risks of getting a ticket.Be aware of the conditions and you reduce your risks of a collision.Be aware of the Rules of the Road and you reduce your risks of conflict and confrontation.Be aware, another words, not under the influence of any mind altering substance, and you will substantially reduce your risks of all of the above.




Crowed roads, heavy traffic, all that stuff really affects the average driver.Happy Traffic, Inc. understands that every day, at some point in the driving day, some one does something to piss someone off on the road, while we are driving, and visa versa.†† There is a number of contributing factors to this phenomenon, for example, economics.The economy certainly effects people, all people.Lack of money for insurance, or for proper vehicle maintenance, having to rush to get to your next job, having to get to the bank before it closes, stressful financial situations at home or in the office, even crime, all these things are economic based and they affect our driving.†† Sadly, today we may find things getting worse. Times like these cause people to drive aggressively or with emotion, emotions that are absolute.Emotions are strong and overwhelming, causing surges in hormone, and cause us from being fully aware of every situation.However, not if you have an understand of emotions,


Strong thought obstructs the driverís ability to concentrate on the issues before them.Everyone has overpowering thoughts that are emotion driven.The question is, How do we control our strong emotions?First you must understand the different emotions, the different hormones, different reactions.Once you understand it all, you become aware.Think about your driving skills and follow the Happy Traffic, Inc. Rules of Conscious Driving.Think about your skills, think about the direction you are driving, think about the condition of your car and the surrounding cars.Keep your brain space traffic related.Donít zone, and certainly donít let someone elseís driving stimulate your aggressions.†††††††


Know what's going on out there and keep up with it.If you drive consciously, and make skillful conscious decisions, every moment of your driving, then you will reduce your risks of being involved.


A healthy driving experience requires that the driver make an effort not to be preoccupied.Catch yourself.You must retrain yourself.Most drivers around us are preoccupied.To think otherwise is to be in denial.Everybody around you is busy.The road has a tendency to swallow us up in thought.Signs, trees, buildings, billboards, activities, music, along with the relaxing movement of the car, can send us deep into thought.The idea is that we all experience being stimulated and fall into the ďZONE OUTĒ factor at some point in our driving.If you drive consciously, that means making skillful conscious efforts every moment of your driving, then you will reduce your risks of being involved.


What would you do if you saw someone behind you flashing?Of course you would make ever effort to get out of their way.Thatís if you seem them.If you want to survive this, you will have to be able to detect this behavior before you are in the position to be forced to make a transaction.You should have been able to see them coming up on you.And you should be able to detect the pace of that driver.Hereís the hard part.You have to be able to do this and you have to be prepared to do it with all the other potential transactions that might take place around your little space.†† Failure to do this properly can stimulate aggression in other drivers.The consequences are unlimited and never good.


Search for drivers that might be making turns, or lane changes.Look for them, predict what they are going to do?Bet with yourself.†† The Instructors and Trainers at Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School do this type of thinking all the time. A great example of conscious driving is when people run the yellow light.People kiss their visors, look to see which half of their car made it, they even look behind them to how close the car behind is.Thatís what I am talking about.However, along with being conscious of that transaction, its also important to be conscious of all the other drivers and even more so, to be conscious of how your decision affects the other drivers do they even think of the consequences of how they may have affected another driver.†† Once again, the consequences are unlimited.I have spent hours videotaping intersections.It seems like everybody runs the yellow light.There are some exceptions.Like people who have already had a serious accident from running the light.


Unfortunately vehicle crashes help to make drivers more conscious.But you donít need to crash.Just be observant.


Happy Traffic, and the Traffic Education Center advocate the highest awareness possible when driving a car.We also believe that because of the many conditions we are faced with, a traffic education is absolutely important to reduce your risks.We are all faced with conditions on the road that are impossible to control.Conditions that will never go away or disapper.On the contrary, there are conditions that will gradually get worse over time.HAPPY TRAFFICS LIST OF ADVERSE CONDITIONS:


1††††††† Elder drivers Ė they have fewer reflexes, their sight is not as good, and their hearing is not as good, not as considerate, drive slower, often cause others to get angry


2.†††††† Young drivers-carefree, the kamikaze pilots.They operate on pure hormones.Many are lacking drivers education because the course isnít offered anymore in the public school system.Many are lacking experience and supervision.Parents just donít have the time or energy to practice with or monitor their childs driving experience.


3.†††††† Out of Town drivers-unfamiliar, also often cause others to get angry.They are unfamiliar with the local driving patterns and unfamiliar with roads


4.†††††† Foreign drivers-drive like they are in their country.These drivers donít take lessons to get familiar with the area.They drive the way the learned to drive and survive from where they came from.


5.†††††† Unlicensed and Uninsured drivers-are out there, no recourse, sorry.This is why we all need to pay attention.Be aware.Drive on ďconscious.Ē


6.†††††† Chemically intoxicated drivers-legally, illegally, hormonally, etc.Understand that almost half the people that are driving on the road at any time are under the influence of some mind and body altering drug.Anything from illegal drugs to legal drugs.


7.†††††† Emotional, Hormonal, Stressed, Angry, Happy, Lustful, Depressed.Emotions have a tendency to distract us mentally.


8.†††††† Aggressive Drivers-fast, offensive, lack of patience, often experiences road rage.This is when an individuals literally goes temporarily insane.Many people are able to feel angry emotions without taking it over the limit.However some drivers, depending on their state of mind, will cross the line, feeling the need to express their distain loudly or physically.


9.†††††† Universal elements like lighting, and weather conditions-night driving is terrible, visibility is cut in half.If you arenít worried about your own visibility, think about what the other guy is seeing. ††It is truly all about the other driver.90% of one car collisions happen because the driver is impaired.This means drivers who are not impaired are not likely to have a collision with themselves alone.


10.Poorly maintained vehicles, people who just donít know how to maintain their cars.Today, we have many people who canít afford to maintain their cars. That is a condition that is likely to get worse and create higher risks for you.Economics, lost a job, living check to check, just got robbed, bounced check, house is in foreclosure.


11.†††† Zoned drivers-stimulated by the environment.These are drivers who are in la la land.They can drive for miles while occupied by deep thoughts or no thoughts at all.



12.†††† Spontaneous Emergencies, Road Debri, Sickness.Debri has been known to kill drivers.A judge in florida had a chair fly off another vehicle and into his car causing a crash and ultimately his death.††


13.†††† Poorly marked roads-no road markings, unclear, or faded markings.

Potholes, chips, rocky roads.


14.†††† Attitudes- These are the people who always need to be first.Although the red light camera may change this.People with attitudes thank that all other drivers around them are incompetent or inconsiderate.


Nothing on our roads is perfect.Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School wants you to understand that driving is a job.It is a privilege, a luxury and a necessity.Without the freedom to drive, it is difficult to thrive in society. Transportation helps us have the freedom to choose our professions, careers, jobs.It helps us to be productive human beings.You can help yourself.You can reduce your chances of being involved in a tragedy.†† Everyday on the local news you can see a tragedy before your eyes.Donít become desensitized by this.You need to know that this can be you or your child.Donít take driving lightly.I hope that you and people you know can begin to exercise Driving Consciously.†† You can make a difference on our roads, you can make a difference in your own life and you can make a difference to the life of others.††


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