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THESE ARE TOPICS THAT MAY BE PRESENTED ON THE WRITTEN EXAM AT THE DMV. HIGHLIGHT THESE AREAS IN YOUR FLORIDA DRIVERS HANDBOOK. There will be 30 multiple choice and 20 road sign questions, and review them in your Drivers Manual. . Make an appointment at the DVM for new licenses or renewals. 954-497-1570 You can look up any of this information. Go to, look for the link check drivers license. At the very top of the page you will find choices of topics from the DMV. Or text me at 954-924-9999 anytime for questions or directions on how to navigate our website.

Driving in the State of Florida is a Privilege, Not a right. “this will be a test questions”

Parking on curbs or hills. If you are parked downhill and there is a curb on the passenger side, which way to you turn your wheels?

The 2 Second Rule – This is the distance you are required to keep between you and the car in front. When the car in front of you passes a fixed marker in the road you begin to count from the back of his car to the front of yours……one thousand one…one thousand two. (this ticket is called following too closely, not the same as tailgating-could also be called careless driving)

Tailgating- Reduce speed, Ride to right, Encourage the pass.

The Point System – For example, how many points will you get if you get a ticket for going 16 miles over the speed limit? 4 points. 15 miles over the speed limit is 3 points. There are only 3, 4, and 6 points. (If you get 12 points in a year, it’s a 30 day suspension.)

Insurance Law – Every car must be insured, every driver must be insured. The minimum insurance is called no fault….10,000 – 20,000 –10,000. PIP (Ticket for failure to have insurance is a mandatory court appearance)

School Buses: you don’t have to stop if you are on the opposite side of the street as long as the street is separated by a median at least 5 feet or wider. (Passing a school bus is 6 points)

Change of Lanes: You can not change lanes with in 100 feet of an intersection. Double yellow lines, solid yellow lines. Hills, Bridges, Curves, Tunnels, Aqua Ducts, and Railroad Crossings.

Road Signs: You need to know what the colors indicate. Blue-service, green-information, brown-parks & recreation, white and black-regulatory, orange-construction and yellow-caution, warning. You must also know what the shapes indicate….square, circle, diamond, rectangle. There are 20 questions on road signs.

Road Markings: There are two colors of road markings yellow and white. Yellow separates traffic moving in opposite directions. White separates traffic moving in the same directions. There are two types of road markings, solid and broken. The broken line is like free flow. You can move in between the lanes. If it is a yellow broken line… can pass. If it is a white broken line, you can change lanes. The solid line in like a brick wall. You can not freely flow. (white or yellow)

Seat belts – everyone in the car under 18 must be buckled up. Everyone in the front seat is required to buckle up. If the passenger is under 18 the driver gets the ticket. If the passenger is over 18, the passenger gets the ticket. (Seatbelt ticket is not a moving violations) which means there are no points attached 4 WAY STOP SIGN-he who gets there first goes first. If two cars get there at the same time, the car to the left gives up their right to go to the person to the right.

HOV – High Occupancy Vehicle. This is the carpool lane. Two or more people during specific times of the day. (a ticket in the hov lane for not having a carpool is not a moving violation) Probably not qoing to be a questions since the counties have made those lanes express lanes.

Hydroplanning – happens from too much speed, water, and over or underinflated tires.

Yellow Light – Means stop if you can. (This ticket is called running a red light, also, failure to obey regulatory devise.)

Emergency Vehicles: you must stay behind emergency vehicles 500 ft. (when the siren is on) (ticket called fail to yield)

Funerals, Emergency Vehicles and Police. If emergency vehicle is approaching, ride to the right, ride of the road.

Move Over Law - When an emergency vehicle is stopped whether it is in a line or on the side of a lane, drivers must reduce their speed 20 miles less then the posted speed, or change lanes, which ever is the safer method.

Uturns – You can make a Uturn anywhere in Florida unless there is a sign that says no Uturn. (ticket called illegal uturn or failure to obey a traffic sign signal or device)

Signal when Turning – You must signal 100 feet before you make your turn. (ticket called fail to signal)

Right Turns – When you turn right you are required to turn into the right lane.

Right on Red – You can make a right on red anywhere unless it says no right on red. If you do not stop and stay stopped until all flowing traffic is clear, or you cause someone to brake or slow down, the ticket is called running a red light.

Left on Red – You can make a left hand turn on a red light ONLY if it is from a one way street to a one way street.

DUI – You are considered legally intoxicated at .08 BAC

DUI Under 18 - .02 is considered legally intoxicated. 0 Tolerance.

Implied Consent Law – when you get a license, you are implying if the police think you are driving drunk they can test you. If you refuse to the sobriety test, your license gets revoked automatically for one year. Separate from DUI charge.

Open Container Law – you can never have an open container of any alcohol substance in the car.

Change of Address: If you move, you must change your address on your license within 10 days.

Wipers on, Lights on When to use your lights. Lights on Sunrise, Sunset - Highbeams 1,000 ft for oncoming / 500 ft if there is a car in front of you.

Hazard Lights Emergency/ Blinking Lights or Parking lights, can only be used when car motor is off. (ticket called improper use of lights)

There will be questions on your exam regarding towing, where should your brake lights be when you’re towing. If you remember any subjects or questions that were on the test, please share them with us so we can add it to this list of review information.


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