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The purpose of these exercises is to make you aware of drivers complacency.  Happy Traffic believes that Collisions occur when we are not expecting them.  If you are not prepared, even for a split second, that’s when you get the big surprise.  Getting to your destination is like a roll of the dice, gambling.  Your either going to get caught, get hit, or have some serious conflict.  The more conditions are adverse (not perfect), the higher the risk.   You need to realize its not just about you.  Its about everyone on the road around you.  They aren’t paying attention either and most are  breaking the rules.  In this assignment you will come to realize how important it is to be aware, to exercise all defensive tools at your disposal, and to have a better understand of your driving environment.  . 


1.         Memorize your driver’s license number. It’s like a ss# number.  It never changes.


2.         Count how many driving errors you make in one drive time session  (or for the day if

you are really adventurous).  These errors could include:  rolling stops, not stopping at unregulated intersections, not turning into the right lane when making a right turn, overshooting the crosswalk, running the yellow light, speeding because you didn’t look at the speedometer, not using your signal when turning, not keeping proper distance.   In Florida, violating most of these infraction require mandatory traffic school.  That’s when you call HAPPY TRAFFIC COMEDY DRIVER IMPROVEMENT SCHOOL.


3.         Make a note of some or all the activities that you do in your car while driving, during one drive time session.   Smoking, phoning, eating, surfing web, dancing, singing, dressing, shaving,   You didn’t know you were so busy? 


4.         Make a note of at least 5 activities you see others doing in the cars around you, during one drive time session.  This would include things like eating, reading, phoning, texting, talking to passengers, etc.  Your traffic neighbors are very busy.  They are not expecting conflict.  They are very busy. 


5.         Watch an intersection for 10 minutes.  You don’t have to go out of your way to do this

exercise.  The next time you are at a store that faces an intersection just take 5 or 10

minutes to watch the activities.   Just jot down a few things you see.  That way it remains in your mind.  You will be amazed when you see that, lefties are running the reds, and righties are running the reds, and usually this is happening at the same time.  People are taking off too quickly at with green, gunning the yellow.  You will see people speeding up when approaching pedestrians, you will see changing lanes, crossing over two or three lanes….because…..whoops! …..I forgot to get in the correct lane.  Overshooting the crosswalks, and so much more. YOU ARE NOT SAFE.


6.         The last, but most important assignment.  Drive during rush hour using the 2 second rule.  That means intentionally leave space.  Imagine your brakes are on the fritz, so you will use your accelerator to slow your vehicle down…..which also means that you will have to travel at a speed that will allow you to do this.  Ooops, I forgot…..this exercise must be done in the right lane to avoid getting shot.  (if you want, instead of pretending your brakes are gone, pretend you have a new born baby in the back seat, or a set of expensive crystal, or a cup of juice on the dash board…..YOU GET THE GIST.)



If you got your ticket in Broward County, Florida, or you have a Florida Drivers License, Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School recommends that you frequently check your Drivers License status at our website   happytraffic.com  and the same thing applies to individuals who received tickets, check the county clerks links on our website to make sure your ticket shows a clear status.  www.happytraffic.com.