Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School recommends the use of the court system to help prevent points from being assessed to your license. There are circumstances when you should appear before a judge on your own. However, Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School suggests that most of the time it is better for an offender to be represented by an attorney that specializes in representing Traffic Ticket Offenders. There are many benefits to using a Traffic Ticket Attorney. One, most of the time you do not have to appear before the judge; two, you get to reserve your elections; and three the bottom line is keeping the points off your license. Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvment School recommends using the legal system for tickets in Dade and Broward Counties, and exercising your right to elect when you get tickets in any other county. The judges are much more harsh in other counties.

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    Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvment School also suggests that you, the offender, be deligent in the follow up with your results. The attorneys are very busy and the court system is also busy. Don't leave the status of your license in anyones hands. If your attorney advises you of a courts order to go to school, it is because you have previous issues on your license. The attorneys do the best they can to prevent you from getting points on your license. You may still have to go to school or pay the fine. In that case, we hope you choose Happy Traffic Comedy Driver Improvement School. Please be deligent and responsible when it comes to your license. You may have receipts to fix any problems, but that doesn't stop the problem from occuring. So follow up. If you are not sure how to use the internet to follow up, call us and we will walk you through it. You can also call or walk in to any of the clerk of court locations to check the status of any case. You can check the DMV website to check on the status of your license.

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    Last Updated December 1 2011
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