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Patriotism is Loyalty the Country...not Loyalty to the Party!
Capitalism is "the individuals rights to own property"
Can there be a shadow party? A party of secret government appointed by BHO, to overthrow the American Constitution, in a secret silent coup? Action speaks louder then words, but the words are pretty consistent.




2004? FREDDIE MAC AND FANNIE MAE....THE HOUSING BUST. The left leaning members of congress are telling the republicans that nothing is wrong with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Even though Fannies Director Franklin Raines was caught cooking the books. New regulation was introduced to prevent a housing bust and the Lefties....shot it down, claiming the republicans just don't want black people to own property....As a matter of fact lenders were harrassed and threatened by organizations like Acorn,if they didn't loan to people who weren't even qualified. Barney Frank being the head of the housing committee, led the way. Then in 2008 when the bust occurred, they blamed the republicans for not regulating the industry.

ABORTION...Why is abortion always at the top of the agenda during every election? A womans right to choice, government handsoff, or population control, governments hands on. Margaret Sanger, believed that one specific race were populating out of control and were a burden on society. So why isn't this brought up when politicians are talking about governmental birth control, planned parenthood, and the extermination of a race, ethnic cleaning.

Suprise! Now find out the real story about the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Are we being deceived about the Radical Left, is it possible they are still conspiring to overthrow the American Constitution and Capitalism and replace it with their own words?

MAXINE WATERS THE SOCIALIST. Maxine Waters threatens to social the oil industry in 2008. Today the Federal Government has manipulated high gas prices with the intention of making us think the oil companies are greedy, so we will beg for the Federal Government to take over. Pretty Slick.

Ronald Reagan explains how socialism creeps into society until one day.....

Trevor Louden gives a four part speech on the history of communism in the United States. He discusses with great detail the relationships of communists around the world and the US starting from the counter revolution. He is impecable with this history. He is from New Zealand and he expresses that the people in New Zealand are worried, because America helped them to become a free country and has been their protector of that freedom, along with many other country that are expressing the same fear. His history lesson is not one that should be missed.



How our President got into college. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

br>President Obamas Start in Politics.

Ah Duh!

DEMOCRATS DECLARATION OF WAR ON IRAQ. Al Gore saying Bush 2, didn't do enough about Sadam Hussein. They were for killing Sadam when they were in the white house, against it when a Republican was in the White House. Liars and Hypocrites

THE WEATHERMEN UNDERGROUND. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE COUNTER CULTURE. Their race to overthrow the Kennedy Government, and replace it with Utopia. Search google for the weather underground and hear the story in their own words. They speak on your behalf.

THE MEDIA AND THE TEA PARTY. The idea of fighting for the truth and free speech scares the media...because they become irrelevant and lose their power to control our minds and destiny.



FRANCES RICE. NBRA. Frances Rice, a Black Conservative and the Founder of The National Black Republican Association. She is so compelling, I joined her organization. Yes I am probably the only white democrat that belongs to the NBRA

Say it isn't so. Demcrats created the KKK. If this is so, then why are most black americans and jewish americans democrats?

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"The Great American Hippy Coup"
Written by Suzi Khani
Self Published 2010
copyrighted 2010 All Rights Reserved

This book is about the Hippy Generation, aka, The Counter Culture, The Progessives, The Beatniks, and their desire to overthrow the American Government and join in the world revolution in the 1960's. How they hijacked the civil rights movement, the antivietnam movement, the womens movement, our education system, and finally our government.

Recommended Readings:

Treachery: Written by Bill Gertz, Washington Post. This book is about the Oil For Food Scandal. Nobody talks about the biggest scandal in the world but this author. He covers this time period in great detail. He talks about the UN sanctions against Sadam, and how the sanctions were being ignored by the elite leaders of all the other countries like russia, italy, france, germany, libya, etc. with the help of the United Nations, costing America billions upon billions while the people of iraq continued to starve. Amazing details.

Now They Call Me Infidel: Written by Noni Darwish. About Nonis struggles as a girl raised in the middle east. She talks about her experience growing up in Gaza and her father a political leader. She describes how Egypt was silenty overthrown by a tryant Socialist Dictator, Nassar. And she describes her transition to America. Of course, she is now a marked woman.

Culture of Corruption: Written by Michelle Maulkin. About our corruption in our current political environment. Unbelievable book. It is a must read.

conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Written by Gregg Jackson. Comebacks to predicatable and comman liberal comments. If you read this book you will become aware of the typical and predicatable comments made by the sheep of the democrat party. It becomes clear that somewhere, somehow, programming is involved. He reviews everything from A to Z, Abortion to Zionism, Education, Clinton, Bush, Environmentalism, Social Security, Black Americans, etc. Indoctrination U: Written by David Horowitz. Amazing, Eye Opening about the left indoctrination of our children in the public education system.

5000 Year Leap: Principles of Freedom 101. The writer describes the intentions of the founding fathers of our constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The is a clear understanding of how religion plays a part in the constitution and how it was developed with the understanding that socialism creeps in slowly, but only because we give our governments power to lead us, so they take more and more gradually and slowly. but that our constitution, declaration of independence was created to prevent that from happening, giving "we" the people the tools to prevent tyrannical governments from taking over.

What's so Great About America? Written by Dinesh D'Souza. Very inspiring

The Enemy at Home: Written by Dinesh D'souza. He talks about how the leftist progressives uses the democrats, the liberals, .....and how the islamic fascists are using those same people, to reach the same goal, over throw the republicans, the right, the constitutionalists. to obtain the ultimate goal of power. they have aligned with each other, brilliantly.

America For Sale: Written by Jerome Corsi, Phd. He details corruption in our political system.

Unholy Alliance: David Horowitz, showing how the left is aligning itself with radical islam

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